The germs you can't see may be the deadliest of all! Let E-PROTECT take care of your life!

The germs you can't see may be the deadliest of all!
Let E-PROTECT take care of your life!

Our lives are filled with all kinds of bacteria, especially those floating in the air is more difficult to eliminate bacteria, today let me take you to understand what common bacteria in the air it!


Staphylococcus aureus
Staphylococcus aureus often causes purulent inflammatory spreading diseases such as boils, carbuncles, otitis media, sinusitis, osteomyelitis and sepsis.

Escherichia coli
Escherichia coli bacteria are often released into the environment through fecal discharge and can cause serious food poisoning or food contamination.


Take a look and see where bacteria can appear in your life

When we finish toileting, the moment of flushing causes the bacteria in the underground waterway to be exposed to the air with the downward pressure of the gas

Kitchen Sink
On average, there are more than 500,000 bacteria, 1,000 times more than the average toilet, due to the humid environment combined with the accumulation of waste, which exposes kitchen items such as dishes and even hands to contamination. The same goes for overnight food waste.


I believe that when you see this, most people think that you can solve the above problems by just buying an air filter, right?

But did you know that buying the wrong or using a non-sterilizing air filter will cause you to inhale even more germs!

Let's see, why is this so?

First of all, let's understand the operation principle of air filter, air filter is the use of adsorption technology, the bacteria in the air sucked into the machine for filtration

If the air filter does not have a sterilization function, it will cause the bacteria sucked in to continue to grow, and improper handling may even be sensitive and cause disease!

Don't worry! Today I want to introduce you to a solution to all your worries

EP200 Smart Diffuser!【The combination of aroma and technology】

What is EP200 Smart Diffuser

EP200 Smart Diffuser It is the first high-tech wireless fragrance diffuser in Malaysia, which is a perfect combination of fragrance and technology, just through WIFI, you can control it remotely! Effective coverage area is 500 square feet (about 1 living room)

So what is the difference between the EP200 Smart Diffuser and an air filter? The EP200 Smart Diffuser is germicidal with diffusion technology that captures the smallest particles and kills airborne viruses and bacteria.


 EP200 Smart Diffuser It is the use of natural essential oils, not the same as the ordinary outside artificial flavors.

Natural essential oils combined with diffusion technology, not only can effectively sterilize, but also can make the environment filled with essential oil fragrance!

Don't worry! EP200 Smart Diffuser's natural essential oils are fragrant and safe, with no side effects on your body!
You can use it with confidence and say goodbye to germs!


E-Protect Natural essential oils come in 4 scents 

The scent is refreshing and sweet, and is effective in killing mosquitoes, repelling mosquitoes and relieving stress.
Like a citrus aroma with floral notes, it can effectively kill the bacteria in the air and help reduce stress and anxiety.
It has a cool, slightly woody taste, strengthens the body's immune system, is effective in refreshing and sterilizing, and thus achieves a purifying effect on the air.
Tea Tree
Tea tree essential oil has a strong pharmacological activity, is the air scavenger, can clear the growing bacteria, clear the mind and rejuvenate.

Merchants must see!

If you didn't know, the EP200 Smart Diffuser can actually increase repeat business! Boost your business!

Why is that so?

Among all human senses, smell is the most sensitive. It has been scientifically proven that each human nose can remember 10,000 smells, and the accuracy of olfactory memory is twice as good as visual. Every day, we live with smell and experience the significant impact it has on our emotions, memories, moods, and behaviors.
So when your store uses EP200 Smart Diffuser to emit healthy essential oils, in addition to making your customers love your store's scent, you can also increase your customers' consumer memory points.
Start connecting with your customers today with E-Protect Natural Essential Oils!
For those of you reading this, here comes the benefit!
Get a set of EP200 Smart Diffuser now for only RM280 (original price RM330), which includes an EP200 Smart Diffuser + one bottle natural essential oil, and a home warranty for up to 6 months!
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17 Aug 2021

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