The History of Essential Oils

The History of Essential Oils


In ancient life, the traditional lit incense, incense, with exquisite or elegant incense burner apparatus is a way of life, the emperor, noble scholar, literati home are inseparable from them. Look at the curl of smoke floating up, is the pursuit of spiritual relaxation, soul stirring, tea meditation when the better scenario, which is the predecessor of essential oils. 

The ancients, in order to expel mosquitoes and insects and remove the turbidity in the living environment, put some plants with a special smell and aromatic odor in the flame of smoke and fire, which is the original incense burning. The ancients in the burning incense not only reduce mosquito bites, to their living environment to bring a comfortable and pleasant aroma, but also to remove the spread of disease and trouble. 



To talk about the earliest use of fragrance, we must first talk about ancient Egypt, about three thousand years BC, Egypt began to use fragrances, which is far earlier than the rest of the Egyptian civilization. The Egyptians invented the Kefir incense is the earliest human perfume, that is, because at that time there was no technology to refine high-purity alcohol, so to be accurate, this perfume should be called ''fragrance oil'', was made by the priests and pharaohs specifically.




The history of aromatherapy shows that aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years. Most of the people who studied directional therapy and essential oils were initially professional practitioners. I often hear people talk about French and English therapies. The English system advocates that less is more, and the principle is to use the oil carefully in everything, to be safe without causing any harm, and to be able to incorporate the body and mind into the thinking of the oil, and to emphasize the harmony of the fragrance between the oils used. French aromatherapy, on the other hand, treats people with physical and psychological illnesses by treating essential oils in the same way as medicines. The emphasis is on the pharmacological effects of the chemical composition of the oil and the dosage of the oil used is very generous.


Home scenting is divided into several categories, including scented candles, fireless scenting, aromatherapy machines, home sprays, diffusers and so on. In addition to the above common types, indoor fragrance has some novel combinations of play, such as essential oil fragrance machine.





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