Dr. Clean SM2001 Germ Free

Dr. Clean SM2001 Germ Free

Dr. Clean SM2001 Germ Free

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Dr Clean - Germ Free is a combination of bacterial, fungicidal, and viricidal agents specifically formulated to reduce and control the spread of germs. GERM FREE deodorizes as it eliminates microorganisms in the air and on surfaces.

  • Helps Control Spread Of Viruses Specially formulated to control the spread of 24-hour flu and Hong Kong Flu.
  • Kills Airborne Germs Destroys airborne germs that are spread by sneezing and coughing.
  • Disinfects Surfaces Works on frequently handled surfaces that may spread disease-causing germs.
  • Residual Action Forms a disinfecting shield that works for extended periods.
  • Eliminate Odours Breaks down the molecular structure of unpleasant odours and destroys the bacteria that cause the odours.


GERM FREE offers protection against the spread of the 24-hour flu virus and other airborne bacteria and germs. GERM FREE is for use in hospitals, institutions, schools and factories.

  • For Disinfecting
    Hold Germ Free can upright, about 15 to 20 cm from surface to be disinfected and squeeze the trigger several times until surface is wet.

  • For Deodorizing
    Hold Germ Free can upright, away from face and squeeze the trigger several times toward the center of the room.

  • For Mildew Control
    Clean surface and spray surface with Germ Free until wet. Repeat application every week to maintain control.

Typical Properties
Appearance Amber
Odour Mild
Toxicity Harmful if swallowed

Effect After Use

Dr. Clean SM2001 Germ Free

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