SM3013 Composite Panel Cleaner

SM3013 Composite Panel Cleaner
Dr Clean - Composite Panel Cleaner is widely used to remove tough environmental stains caused by rain, dirt, dust, rust and other contaminants usually found on exterior composite panels.

Dr Clean - Composite Panel Cleaner contains active ingredients that breaks down those stains and also contains slight abrasive property to clean and polish to ensure better penetration to lift up tough stains.

Dr Clean - Composite Panel Cleaner is safe to use on and also user friendly. Its non-corrosive material makes storage and usage relatively safe compared to other harsh chemicals.

  • Removes water stain, scale marks, mild rust, dirt and scum stains
  • Safe on most composite surfaces
  • Cleans and polishes in one step
  • Contains no harsh acid and bleaching agents
  • Quick and easy application


Composite Panel Cleaner is widely used in hotels, motels, institution, school, restaurants, building maintenance and cleaning contractors to restore exterior composite panels.

  • Apply Composite Panel Cleaner directly on to surface to be treated.
  • Allow 5 – 10 minutes contact time.
  • Rub lightly with either a cloth, damp storage or scouring pad depending on surface and contamination.
  • Clean with damp sponge or flush surface with water.
  • Reapply Composite Panel Cleaner and allow penetrating for 15 minutes for tough stains

Typical Properties
Appearance Beige
Odor Mild
Physical State Liquid Cream
Solubility Soluble
pH (10%) 8

Effect After Use

SM3013 Composite Panel Cleaner

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