Dr. Clean SM4004 Premium Oil Dispersants

Dr. Clean SM4004 Premium Oil Dispersants

Dr. Clean SM4004 Premium Oil Dispersants

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Dr Clean - Premium Oil Dispersant is designed to rapidly disperse large amount of oil into smaller pools. It is widely used in marine and shipyard industries to disperse oil leaks from ships and other sea transports.

Dr Clean – Premium Oil Dispersant main purpose is to break up oil leakages in the sea to prevent oil in water emulsions which will cause a pool of oil to form on the water which is stagnant and very hard to breakdown by natural waves. Premium Oil Dispersant breaks the oil pools to form water soluble micelles that can be diluted and be carried by the currents and waves into other area to increase the time to degrade.

Dr Clean – Premium Oil Dispersant is formulated to be a concentrated version that can be diluted up to 5 parts of water depending on the severity of the oil spills. It is also highly waste treatable and low in toxicity which is safe for marine life. Also it is safe to use and will not react on most metals, plastic and fiber glasses. Premium Oil Dispersant in also safe for storage on ships and boats.



  • Highly concentrated
  • Low toxicity
  • Safe for marine life
  • Safe to use
  • Disperse oil spills easily
  • Reduces oil in water emulsion formation


Premium Oil Dispersant is widely used in the marine, oil rigs, off shores, shipyards and dockyards to disperse heavy oil leaks or spills without much agitation.


  • Spray Premium Oil Dispersant onto required area for treatment.
  • Allow Premium Oil Dispersant to work for 5 – 15 minutes for stubborn oil stains.
  • Wipe off or hoist off depending on area of treatment.
  • Repeat application if necessary.

Typical Properties
Appearance Light Beige
Odor Pine
Physical State Liquid
Solubility Soluble
Specific Gravity 0.89

Dr. Clean SM4004 Premium Oil Dispersants

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