Dr. Clean SM3006 Floor Cleaner

Dr. Clean SM3006 Floor Cleaner


Dr. Clean SM3006 Floor Cleaner

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Dr Clean - Floor Cleaner is formulated with bio surfactants and corrosion inhibators designed to rapidly emulsify greasy oils and stubborn dirt, using less water compared to conventional floor detergents.


Excellent Grease-Cutter Highly effective and cleans and de-greases in one-step.

Low Foaming Action Penetrates and cleans all greasy areas using less water.

Concentrated Strength Can be diluted with water up to a 20 parts to 1 ratio depending on the area of application and extent of the soiled areas to be cleaned.

Safe Can be used on most hard surfaces.



Floor Cleaner is formulated for use in factories, manufacturing plants, marine, school, hospital, refinery, bus depots and other large areas that require effective cleaning.


  • Floor Cleaner can be applied by spray, mop or brush on any hard surfaces.
  • Wipe off or flush with water.
  • Repeat application if necessary.

Typical Properties
Appearance Clear
pH (10%) 12
Specific Gravity 1.07
Solubility in Water Soluble

Dr. Clean SM3006 Floor Cleaner

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