SM1004 Electrical Point Cleaner

SM1004 Electrical Point Cleaner

SM1004 Electrical Point Cleaner

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Dr Clean - Electrical Point Cleaner removes grease, oil and dirt deposits fast and inexpensively.


Cleans Instantly Formulated as stabilised highly refined solvent.

Rapid Evaporation Quick and complete evaporation leaves.

Versatile With Wide Area Of Applications Can be used with pressure washers, brushes, dip tanks, automated spray, microprocessors, PC boards, connectors, solenoids, relays, switches and others.

CFC Free Does not contain any ingredients that are harmful to the environment.


Electrical Point Cleaner works on most circuitry found in buildings, heavy industries, manufacturing plants as well as those found in marine, defence and oil & gas applications.


  • Spray Electrical Point Cleaner onto the required area to be treated.
  • Allow 5 – 10 minutes for stubborn stains.
  • Repeat application if necessary.
  • May be harmful to some plastics. Test on small area before use.
Typical Properties
Appearance Amber
Odour Mild
Toxicity Harmful if swallowed

SM1004 Electrical Point Cleaner

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