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Dr. Clean SM3001 Cream Polisher

Dr Clean – Cream Polisher is an acid-free and non-toxic cream polisher that removes grease, soap, scum and stains.<

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Dr. Clean SM4002 Bio Degreaser

Dr Clean - Bio Degreaser is a heavy duty bio degreaser that removes grease, oil, tar or any fatty deposits fast and inexpensively.


  • Highly Dilutable Concentrated formula that can be diluted with water in a ratio of up to 20 parts to 1.
  • Biodegradable Highly waste treatable and biodegradable.

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Lemongrass 35ml
  • It can purify your mind, reduce headaches, migraines and neuralgia
  • A strong and sweet smell, also with lemon and mud smell. Its main component is citral. It is a pure natural plant, completely harmless to human body. It has a good disinfection and sterilization effect, and it can relieve pressure and boost spirit.
  • Size: 35ml
EP35 Car Diffuser
  • Ultrasonic USB Essential Oil Car Diffuser 
  • Vibration sensor
  • Mini size and portable
  • long lasting use
  • Three gear spray mode
  • Super Silent
  • Product size: 65x107mm 
  • Product weight: 0.1kg
  • Capacity: 35ml

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